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"Paint the walls with their blood."

God of ...

War, Violence and Bloodshed

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Mount Olympus



  • Immortality
  • Shapeshifting
  • Teleportation
  • Fighting abilities


Neutral - Later Evil


The Olympian Gods


Deceased (2012)

Portrayed by

(1981) -
(2010) Tamer Hassan
(2012) Edgar Ramirez

Ares is the Greek God of War. He is the son of Zeus and Hera, and half-brother to Athena. Ares was a difficult character and unpopular with the other Gods and Humans. He often fought with Artemis, Goddess of The Hunt, and with his half-sister Athena. Ares' symbols are the spear and dogs. Ares has no wife and is constantly under the spell of the Goddess Aphrodite, much to the annoyance of her husband Hephaestus. Ares and Aphrodite had four children together, Eros, Deimos, Phobos, and Harmonia. Ares also had many children by mortal women.


Clash of the Titans (2010)[]

He has no major role in the movie, he is portrayed by Tammer Hassan. In a deleted scene Ares is amongst those calling for war on the humans.

At some point after Perseus defeats the Kraken, Ares begins to resent the attention that Zeus is showing towards Perseus. Ares sees this as favoritism, which over the next ten years turns him into a hateful and spiteful deity.

Wrath of the Titans 2012[]

"Where is my brother Perseus? Gone fishing?" - Ares

Ten years later, Ares has lost any semblance of sanity, as he now hates both his father and Perseus. Ares soon turns to Hades, knowing that Hades has his own quarrel with Zeus. Hades already has a plan to hand Zeus over to Kronos, as the Titan King is due to break from the Underworld. Therefore Hades instructs Ares to apprehend his father.

Ares first appears with Poseidon as they await Zeus. When his father arrives, Ares mildly asks why Perseus has not joined them on such an important mission. Zeus ignores the question and brushes past him. At the gates of Tartarus, Ares remains on the sidelines while his father and uncles converse.


Wrath of the Titans 4 Movie CLIP - Brothers, Not Equals (2012) HD

Ares' seccon battle against Perseus

Once the Makhai attack the Gods, Poseidon is wounded by a fireball to the chest. Ares then springs his attack and catches Zeus off guard. With his hammer he knocks Zeus out cold and steals his thunderbolt as a prize. When Zeus recovers, Ares is already binding him in chains. Zeus asks why he has betrayed him, but Ares coldly answers "Only when it suits you, you remember I am you son?"

Zeus reacts angrily when he learns of the deal with Kronos. Ares tries to silence him, but Hades wants to hear him out. Ares asks if Hades backtracking, but Hades simply reminds Ares that he should obey his command while he is in the Underworld. Ares relents and watches his father argue with Hades.

Conflict with Perseus[]

"We are brothers, but not equal!" - Ares denounces Perseus

Ares drags his father to the precipice where Kronos awaits. As he binds his father to an altar, Zeus mocks him for following orders. Ares asserts he is his own master, but Zeus notes that only humans have free will. Ares becomes angry again and punches his father repeatedly. He rages that Zeus shows more favoritism to Perseus. Zeus expresses dismay at how Ares has fallen, but this does not help as Ares continues to assault his father. Hades orders him to desist, but the mad war God ignores him. Hades becomes angry in turn, so he knocks Ares down and holds the pitchfork to his face. Ares protests that Hades should not be so merciful, but Hades retorts "Your weakness is your blind hatred for you father! And your brother!"

Ares is sent away so that he and Zeus are separated. However, he later hears Korrina praying to him for luck, even though Korrina was warned not to do so. Ares falls from the sky and lands in front of Perseus and Andromeda. The Queen's soldiers immediately attack him, but Ares kills them. Perseus calls Ares a traitor, but Ares is unfazed as he feels that Zeus betrayed him, which earns him a punch in the face from Perseus. Ares gives him a punch in return and goes on a rampage. With his hammer, Ares knocks down Perseus and Agenor. After shoving Andromeda aside, he then kills Korrina as Hephaestus.manages to open the door to the Labyrinth. Hephaestus then confronts Ares to give Perseus, Agenor and Andromeda a chance to escape by entering Tartarus. Ares throttles Hephaestus before throwing him down. But Ares is caught off guard when Agenor hits him with the trident, wounding him. As the others escape, Ares uses Zeus' thunderbolt to kill Hephaestus.

Battle in Tartarus[]

"You cant stop this!" - Ares

Later on Ares returns to Tartarus just as Zeus is apologising to Hades. Evidently eavesdropping, Ares brazenly knocks Hades away from Zeus, believing that Hades is now getting cold feet. Ares tries to use Zeus' thunderbolt, but Zeus forbids the weapon from activating, which frustrates him. Ares is then attacked by a furious Hades, who whacks him with the pitchfork. Ares tries to fight back, but Hades knocks him over the cliff edge. Ares falls several stories before he crashes down on a lower ledge, which injures him but he still survives.

After he recovers, he heads back to the altar and finds that Perseus and the others have arrived. Perseus breaks Zeus free of his shackles. Ares then descends on the group, knocking Agenor aside and blasting Andromeda away. His rampage is cut short when Hades pins Ares down. Zeus and the others get away, but Ares puts up a struggle. Hades tries to stab him with the bident, but Ares narrowly rolls aside and seizes the weapon. As he regains his feet, Hades has him trapped in an arm-lock. Unable to break free, Ares hurls the pitchfork into Zeus' back. Ares pulls away from Hades, but decides not to engage his uncle any further as Tartarus is crumbling around them. Ares tries to go after Zeus, but too late as father teleports out of the Underworld. Ares then notices a fallen dagger, which Helius gave to Perseus

Final battle and death[]

"So this is what a father would go through for his son?" - Ares observes Perseus' struggle

Ares later hears Perseus praying to him, challenging him to a fight in the temple of the Gods. Ares answers the call, but he first kidnaps Helius and brings him to the temple. When Perseus arrives, he is horrified to see Helius standing with Ares. but Ares affirms that he is not going to hurt the boy. Instead Ares wants Helius to know the pain of losing a father, just as Ares irrationally believes that Perseus stole Zeus' attention. Ares and Perseus do battle, in which Ares overwhelms his half brother by shoving him through the pillars of the temple. At length he finally stops his rampage and runs out of steam.

Helius then sickens of the fight and takes up a sword. Ares is surprised by this act of courage, but he does not harm the boy. He takes the weapon away, but in the moment he is distracted, Perseus recovers and tackles him. Perseus then stabs Ares in the chest with a knife and suffocates him with a choke hold. Unable to recover from such traumas, Ares finally weakens. Perseus then strips Ares of the thunderbolt and impales him with it, killing the God of War.

Powers and abilities[]

"He's slaughtered innocents for centuries, it's all he knows. I can't beat him" - Perseus

Aside being able to teleport and hear prayers, Ares did not display the same supernatural abilities as his father and his uncles. Nevertheless he was a ferocious opponent and a seasoned fighter. He was one of the few Gods left over in their dying days, given his capacity to survive.

  • Immortality - Like all the gods, Ares is immortal as long as he’s worshipped by humans.
  • Extreme strength - Ares has enough strength to send out powerful shockwaves. When he jumped out of the sky, his impact with the ground sends a pile of rocks flying in all directions. When he slammed his hammer on the ground, the blast wave threw Andromeda high into the air. This is likely a trait he inherited from his father, as Zeus also displayed a similar power when he pounded his own throne.
  • Teleportation - Ares can teleport instantly.
  • Master combatant - Ares is also depicted to be a powerful fighter who overwhelms nearly every character, with only Hades being able to give him a good fight. Ares is proficient with all manner of weapons including his giant hammer, a sword, a spear and Zeus' thunderbolt. In a straight up fight with Perseus and Agenor, Ares overwhelmed them quickly.
  • Durability - Ares is on the receiving end of numerous injuries, namely that several characters manage to bash him in the head with one weapon or another. In the instance where he was thrown off a cliff and fell several stories, the impact did stun Ares, but after a few seconds he was quick to regain his feet. His durability however was limited, as even could not recover from being stabbed in the lungs and strangled at the same time.


The God is depicted as a violent, uncontrollable deity who hates humans. This does bear some relation to the myths, where Ares was the most hated God on Olympus.

His jealousy of Perseus likely stemmed from a superiority complex, given that he was a God while Perseus was only a half God. But Ares was so filled with anger and hate that he soon became delusional, as he called Zeus' favouritism a betrayal and accused Perseus of taking away his father. Neither of these statements were true, showing that Ares was petty and unreasonable. He was highly sociopathic, as he was willing to kill his own father and his half brother just to prove a point.

Despite him being the God of war, he is not above fear, as it is implied he too is keen to preserve his immortality by making a deal with Kronos. In an out character moment, he also abandoned his fight with Hades while Tartarus was crumbling. Additionally, Ares' willingness to slaughter a helpless individual like Korinna shows a complete lack of mercy, for which Andromeda actually brands him a coward.

His hot headedness and pride were such that he was often prone to various blunders, such as underestimating his opponents. This allowed several characters to catch him off guard, including Agenor, Hades and Perseus.

He had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The only hint of honour he displayed was when he was somewhat impressed by Helius daring to stand up to him, and true to his word he did not harm the boy. When finally defeated, he seemingly welcomed death at Perseus' hands, given that he eagerly pulled Zeus' weapon further into his chest. For all his pride, this would imply a deep rooted shame and self loathing.


  • "We Are Brothers, But Not Equal." - Ares to Perseus
  • "You betrayed our father" - Perseus, "He betrayed me by choosing you" - Ares



  • This version of Ares is shown to be an accomplished warrior and extremely violent. In the myths Ares was a bloodthirsty force, but he was somewhat outdone by his counterpart Athena, who actually bested him in a fight. Other heroes such as Diomedes and Herakles (Hercules) also defeated him. In real life the Ancient Greeks did not hold him in high esteem and they favoured Athena in times of war. The exception to this was Sparta.
  • Ares' mother Hera is never mentioned in this version. In the myths Ares was more concerned with her approval.
  • In the myths Ares was despised by all other Gods for his uncontrollable bloodlust. Only Aphrodite took a liking to him.
  • The name Ares is thought to be an ancient word for battle or war.
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