Argive army sword
Argive Common Sword


For slicing,cutting,in hand-to-hand combat


The Legion, Perseus


(2010) Clash of the Titans
(2010) Clash of the Titans: The Videogame
(2012) Wrath of the Titans

The Argive Army Sword is a standard Greek sword and the trademark offensive weapons of the soldiers from Argos.


The sword can cut or slice enemies, but it was useless against the giant scorpions. This type of sword was used by Draco to slice Calibos' hand.


The sword features a double-edged leaf-pointed blade with a pattern etched into the blade from tip to base, a guard with a horseshoe-like pattern on it, and a flat pommel.

An alternate design of sword, used by Perseus later in the film, has a Hydra-like creature on it's hilt.

Draco also uses a sword with a design unique to him.



Wrath SS 13

Perseus prepares the edge of an Argive sword

The sword appears in the 2010 movie, being used by various Argive soldiers. It also makes an appearance in Clash of the Titans: The Video Game, where Perseus uses it to combat the various monsters he encounters.