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"They've learned how to hurt us."

Goddess of ...

Wisdom and Battle

Lives in ...

Mount Olympus



  • Immortality
  • Shapeshifting
  • Teleportation
  • Magic




The Olympian Gods



Portrayed by

(1981) Susan Fleetwood
(2010) Izabella Miko
(2012) Kathryn Carpenter

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom, Battle Strategy, Skill, and War. She is a child of Zeus and Metis, Zeus' first wife, and was born fully grown, springing out of Zeus' head, wearing full battle armour. She taught humans skills such as weaving, sewing, farming, and metalwork. Her symbols are the olive branch and the owl.


Athena was born to Zeus and Metis. After Metis had been eaten by Zeus, it was revealed she was pregnent. Nobody knew this, and when Athena was born, she was cut out in full armor.

Athena has rivalry's with Poseidon. Her rivalry with Poseidon started with Athens. They both wanted to be patron of the city, and thus gave gifts. A saltwater fountain from Poeseidon, an olive tree from Athena. They chose the olive tree do to its usefulness. Not long after, an earthquake hit Athens, destroying all olive trees in the area.

There was a girl named Arachne. She wove great and splendid rugs. She was taught by Athena, but claimed to have not and to be much better than she. Athena had favored her, and needed to know herself if this boasting was real. She disguised herself as an old woman, and asked her. As soon as Arachne boasted, she transformed back to her normal form. Athena challenged Arachne to a weaving contest. They had both woven gorgeuos rugs, but Athenas was better. Arachnes had a controversial picture of the Olympians on it, and Athena turned her into a spider.then all of arachne`s descendents promised to avenge their ancestor by atacking all of athenas descendants.

She was the favored child of Zeus as well as the goddess of wisdom, war, crafts, and battle tactics. Her symbol was the owl. She was a virgin goddess like Artemis and Hestia. She was heavily devoted to keeping her virginity and implored her priestesses to do the same. So when her uncle, Poseidon raped her favorite priestess, Medusa, she was outraged. Not at her uncle for his crime, but at Medusa for losing her "innocence". Athena turned Medusa and her two sisters, Stheno and Euryale, into the Gorgons.


  • The modern City of Athens is named in her honour, which is now the capital city of Greece.
  • Athena's name has an unclear origin. The philosopher Plato offered a possible translation of Athena's name, which he rendered as "the mind of God" from the word Greek word "theos" (God).
  • While some hold that Athens was named after the Goddess, other scholars find it more likely that she was named after the city.