Bow and arrows
Bow and arrows
A bow and arrow in use.


For long-distance combat


Argos' army, Medusa, and Queen Andromeda.


(2010) Clash of the Titans
(2012) Wrath of the Titans

A bow is a weapon that projects arrows powered by its elasticity.

Use and CapabilitiesEdit

As the bow is drawn, energy is stored in the limbs of the bow and transformed into rapid motion when the string is released, with the string transferring this force to the arrow. Bows are used for hunting,and still occasionally for war. The arrows projected from a bow can severly damage a human being, but are useless against beings like Calibos. Medusa used a bow to project arrows when the soldiers of the army of Argos, Perseus and Sheikh Sulieman went to her lair .She inflicted damage to Draco by projecting an arrow into his abdomen. The arrows under Medusa's prossesion are much different the traditional arrows, as hers have bigger metallic anchor-like arrowheads.

Yeah Solon,you are so screwed!



  • The development of gunpowder and muskets, and the growing size of armies, slowly led to the replacement of bows as weapons of war.