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"When they get injured in battle, they replace their limbs with charwood and black magic."











The Djinn are protagonists Clash of the Titans. They were integrated into the 2010 remake from Arabic Mythology.

Clash of the Titans (2010)Edit

The Djinn were portrayed as ancient sorcerers who lived in the desert. They replaced their organs and limbs with dark magic and ash, and were the only ones who could tame the Scorpiochs. Overall they played a big role in the movie, first saving Perseus, Io, Ozal & Kucuk and the survivors of the Guard from the wrath of Scorpiochs, and weakening Medusa. They also helped them quicken their journey by allowing them to travel on their Scorpiochs. They are impervious to the stare of the gorgons that turn people to stone, most likely because of their lack of a flesh and blood body, as they are, in essence, nothing more than spirits inhabiting a faux body.

Their Headman, Sheikh Sulieman, also heals Perseus from Calibos' poison, as Calibos bit him in a desperate attempt to escape from him and the Legion, and then defeats the entire Argice Legion travelling with Perseus when they assume that he is attempting to kill him, only for them be proven wrong when he reveals his only reason for aiding them is his desire to be free of the gods, but he does not divulge more than that.

The Headman follows Perseus into Medusa's temple where he almost manages to behead her with his axe, yet missing as she ducked in a reflex action, taking off a few snakes. Medusa then turns round, simultaneously constricting him with her tail and stares at him, attempting to petrify him. The Headman simply shrugs it off and laughs before using his black magic to explode his core, momentarily dazing the gorgon.

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