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"When I spit in the eyes of the gods, then I'll smile."








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(2010) Clash of the Titans
(2010) Clash of the Titans: The Videogame

Portrayed by

(2010) Mads Mikkelsen

Draco is a major character of Clash of the Titans. He was portrayed by Mads Mikkelsen in the 2010 remake.


Clash of the Titans (2010)[]

Draco and the Argive Legion set out on a mission to kill the [[Dog]. Draco tells Eusebios to bring everything. While leaving, two brothers called Ozal & Kucuk join them. The Legion travels to the Norn Mountains where they can ask the Stygian Witches who to kill the Kraken. While traveling Draco gives Perseus his first battle lesson although Perseus disarms him. After Perseus wanders away Draco sends Belo and another soldier to find him. Both of them fall at the hands of Calibos. Their screams alert the rest of the Legion and Draco sends more troops to assist Perseus. After four soldiers are killed Draco cuts of Calibos' hand and he flees. Perseus presses on to find him and the Argive Legion is attacked by Scorpiochs. The warriors fight hard but many are killed. After slaying the first three Scorpiochs the Legion is attacked by three huge Scorpiochs, which appear to have spawned from the blood of Calibos. The Djinn come to their aid and tame the Scorpiochs and allow the Legion to travel with them.

The Scorpiochs arrive at the Mountains and most of the Legion goes up with Perseus. Although the Witches attack the squad they eventually answer Perseus' question. Perseus, the rest of the Argive Legion, Io, and Sheikh Sulieman travel to the Underworld, on foot, to kill Medusa. When they reach Medusa's Lair the Legion bravely enters. Solon dies first, then Ixas and Eusebios. Draco courageously in a last attempt to kill Medusa destroys a stalactite and impales Medusa's tail. Medusa freezes Draco and smashes his statue.

Draco, along with the Argive Legion , accompanied Perseus to the underworld to obtain the head of Medusa. During the battle, all of the Argive Legion died leaving Draco alive, but severely wounded by Medusa's arrow, which went through his abdomen. With his last moments of life, he attempts to distract Medusa by leaping onto a pillar over Medusa body, and attempts to impale her with it. He partially succeeded and wounded Medusa, however with a last act of defiance, he stared into her gaze immediately turning him into stone, as a crack formed into a smile, in reference to an earlier remark that he would only smile when he spat in the face of the gods. His stone body was demolished by Medusa. He died valiantly in the fight proving he can hurt a titan.

Other appearances[]

Clash of the Titans: The Videogame[]


  • Argive sword: Is the trademark sword used by all the members of the Argive legion.
  • Spear: An standard weapon briefly used by Draco to impale a giant scorpion.
  • Twin Knives: A pair of twin knives, which Draco used to crack a stalactite at Medusa's Lair and let it fall over Medusa's tail.