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The Stygia Mountain

The Garden Stgia was a place within mortal world that held an ancient history that was traced all the way back to Titanomachy. During that time, The Mighty Titan did battle againts the God with Zeus leading his brethren againts their parent in an epic struggle, Zeus comanded his brother Hades to create a beast that was so powerfull it would win the war. Thus, Hades tore a piece of himself which manifested  into a powerfull creature that became known as Kraken. Its power was so great that it managed to defeat the Titan with the great fight being  at the site of region that would become known as Garden Of Stygia. In The Aftermath, the lands became barren and wore scars of that ancient battle as the defeated Titan were sent into Tartarus to be imprisoned of all time. At some unknown point, it became  the residence of the trio of demonic beings known as Stygian Witches who told the future and the hidden secrets of the world.


The Demonic Stygian Witches