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Hades's Bident
Hades with his Bident


Fuse with two others to make Spear of Triam.


Hades, Ares, and Perseus




(2012) Wrath of the Titans

The Bident of Hades is the god's favorite weapon. It is one of the three weapons that make up the Spear of Triam, the only object capable of defeating Kronos. Hades is also known for having a magic helmet, which made the user invisible.


A weapon similar to a cane, similar in appearance to Poseidon's Trident, although it has two tips instead of three. It is made entirely of metal, in addition to the leather handles.


When declaring war on their father Kronos and the Titans, the three brothers Hades, Poseidon and Zeus went down to the pit of Tartarus and freed their uncles, the Elder Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. The Cyclops and Hephaestus combined their power and knowledge to forge weapons for the gods. Hades received the Bident as a gift.

Presumably he used it in the Titanomachy to defeat Kronos. Combining it with his brother's respective weapons to form the Spear of Triam, Hades and his brothers overthrew their father.

Hades revealed the weapon in the underworld when he confronted his brothers. Initially he did not participate in any fight and only used it to keep Ares under control. When Zeus apologized to Hades, Ares tried to kill him, claiming that Hades was too merciful. Angry, Hades used the weapon to fight Ares and briefly overwhelm him. This allowed Zeus to escape, but in the fight that followed, Ares grabbed the bident and threw it at Zeus. Perseus tore it off and, with the help of Zeus, combined it with the Trident. This teleported them out of the Underworld.

Perseus brandished the bident and the trident against Ares, finally combining them with the Thunderbolt of Zeus to form the Spear of Triam. After the Spear was used to defeat Kronos, the Bident was lost.


It is mainly part of the Triam Spear. In the hands of Hades, the God uses it to rule the Underworld with an iron hand.

The bident itself was a powerful weapon, shining with a combustion flame so that it could be used as an iron to mark when hitting enemies. It involves having other special properties. When Hades summons the bident for the first time, he flashes with lightning, which implies that he can also generate lightning such as the trident and the thunderbolt. Possibly it allowed Hades to divide the Earth and summon souls.

For storage or other use, it is retracted on a smaller spear like a weapon.


The Bident is managed by three characters.

Hades: Hades wields it for most of Wrath of the Titans, but he doesn't use it until he conflicts with Ares. With him, however, Hades proves to be a deadly fighter, using him to hit Ares' head, grab his arm and finally immobilize him with the tips. When Ares resists, Hades tries to kill him. Ares narrowly avoids being stabbed and grabs the weapon, where Hades releases it to keep Ares gripped.

Ares: Ares only uses it in a last effort to kill Zeus. Even when he recovers his feet, Hades holds him quickly, so Ares resorts to throwing the bident at Zeus' back.

Perseus: Perseus exercises it on the Mount of Idols against Ares. Finally, he combined it with the thunderbolt and the trident to form the Triam Spear.


Although myths say that the Ancient Cyclops originally forged a helmet for Hades after his liberation from Tartarus and the outbreak of the Titanomachy, it is possible that they also made him the bident at some later point in the war.

Hades was generally associated with the Helm of Darkness, while his Roman equivalent, Pluto, was generally represented with the bident.