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Helius and Perseus


Demigod/Nymph (hybrid)






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John Bell

"I want to be a good god, and do good things." - Helius to his father

Helius is Perseus' 10 Year old son.


Wrath of the Titans[]

Helius is Perseus' 10 year old son (born offscreen). Helius lives as a fisherman, like his father. Despite Helius' demigod heritage, his father does not train him as a warrior, as Perseus promised Io (Helius' mother and Perseus' wife who died offscreen) that he would take care of Helius and would not involve him in any of his matters. Unlike his father, Helius had more faith in the goodness of Gods and other deities.

Despite Perseus wishing to shield his son from the affairs of Gods, Helius' life became jeopardised when a rouge Chimera attacked the village. Perseus defeated it, and took his son to the Mount of Idols to meet with his father. There, Helius witnessed the arrival of the dying God Poseidon, who crumbled into dust before Pereus.

Perseus decided to take part in the rescue of Zeus and stop the Titans, for his own son's safety. Before Perseus departed, Helius gave his father a wooden dagger he himself had fashoined. Helius later appeared as an illusion manifested by the Minotaur to Perseus. Later, after acquiring the wooden dagger, Ares somehow located Helius through the dagger, and kidnapped him. Meeting Perseus at the Mount of Idols, Ares brought a terrifed Helius before his father. Perseus begged Ares to spare Helius, but Ares replied that he did not intend to harm the boy; he simply wanted Helius to watch his father die.


Helius watches his uncle Ares and his Father Perseus as they fight at the Mount of Idols

Taking a safe distance, Helius sadly watched as his father was beaten into submission by Ares. However, everytime Perseus regained his feet was due to the presence of his son, a connection which Ares seemed to notice. Eventually Helius tried to challenge Ares with a sword. Amused, the God simply snatched the sword away from him, but was suddenly tackled by Perseus. He suffocated Ares and impaled him with Zeus' thunderbolt. Perseus and Helius then gathered the triumvirate's weapons to form the Spear of Triam.

After Kronos' defeat, Helius met an admiring Queen Andromeda, as well as Agenor. Helius later states to his father he was content to be a fisherman, but Perseus decided it was at last time for his son to know the ways of the sword. He gave Helius his sword, and smiled at the boy's potential.

Helius and Perseus talking

Father and son