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Helmet of invisibility
The Helmet of Invisibility


Turns the wearer invisible


Hades, Perseus


Lost in Calibos' Swamp


Clash of the titans (1981)

The Helmet of Invisibility is a special magical helmet given to Perseus. It is one of three items given to Perseus.


1981 movie[]

The helmet of invisibility was a magical item of Hades. Athena gave the helmet to Perseus, to help him on his quest to retrieve Medusa's Head and kill the Kraken. However, Athena was under the orders of Zeus. Perseus used it to sneak into Andromeda's room where he witnessed her spirit being taken away by a giant vulture. He then uses it again the next night but follows the vulture to Calibos' Lair. There, he witnesses Calibos giving Andromeda's Spirit a new riddle. This is a scam In the end, Calibos figures out that Perseus is there and attacks him, but Perseus manages to escape. However, The Helmet of Invisibility then falls into the swamp and vanishes forever. Because of this, Zeus orders Athena to give Perseus her owl, but she denies and tells Hephaestus to make a mechanical version.

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The helmet can turn his wearer invisible to the human eye and gods.



  • On the official description for the Cyclopes in the Wrath of the Titans official site, it is said the Cyclopes helped Hephaestus creating many powerful weapons, among them was the Helmet of Invisibility.