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Island of Paxos
Island of Paxos





Island of Paxos is an island off the coast of Argos. It is a small mountainous island, with a small village where Perseus, Spyros, Marmara, Tekla, Hesiod and Eucli lived. Most of the people living on Paxos are fishermen, including Spyros. There is a Colossus of Zeus on a cliff, which was destroyed by soldiers from Argos .There is a large mountain called the Mount of Idols, where there are many temples, shrines and idols to the Gods. The villagers leave wreaths at the temples of the Gods to thank them when the number of fish they catch is high. However, travel to the Mount of Idols is dangerous as the Mount is plagued by Undead Skeletons, Creatures and Wraiths.

At first, these monsters only came out at night, but eventually overcame their fear of the Sun and attacked all who traveled to the Mount even in the daytime. Because of this, Tekla was warned to never go to the Mount of Idols by herself. Sometimes Furies take the harbor, and because of their danger, the fisherman cannot set sail. The villagers have a reasonable supply of weapons incase they need to defend themselves against the Monsters.

The Monsters where actually sent by Hades and when the soldiers from Argos destroyed the Colossus and all the temples on the Mount of Idols, Hades killed everyone on the Island and burned the Village with the help of the Harpies, leaving the island in ruins. There are swamps in the mountains as well as plants and the entrance to the Mount of Idols is a large gate, where Eucli usually spends his time. When the waves are calm, the fisherman usually set sail, but sometimes they must repair the nets. Spyros and his friends are usually talking near the harbor. Perseus learned how to sail on Paxos, and received his first weapon here, the Xiphos.

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