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Joppa is the kingdom cursed by Calibos in the 1981 movie, and is set free of that curse by the demi-god hero Perseus. The Kingdom of Joppa was a promising Greek city-state with, since the beautiful princess Andromeda was to be married by the eccentric and powerful prince Calibos. Unfortunately Zeus cursed Calibos with a monstrous appearance for eliminating his entire herd of flying horses, leaving only Pegasus. His mother Thetis cursed Joppa to suffer as her son has suffered. Andromeda remained without husband and her soul was compelled by her disguised fiance,to a daily riddle,to task any men bold enough to try to take her hand in marriage. Perseus manages to solve the riddle and defeat Calibos in single combat.

Joppa was left with little time to celebrate as they were forced by the goddess Thetis to sacrifice Andromeda to the Kraken or Joppa would be destroyed. Perseus saved Joppa by killing the Kraken and freeing Joppa from peril.