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Leto on vase

Leto Titaness of Womanly demure and motherhood she is the Mother of Apollo and Artemis she one of Zeus immortal Girlfriends


Leto, Titaness Daughter of Coeus and Titaness Phoebe, fell in love with the God Zeus she got pregnant with he children' until Zeus wife Hera was jealous and Chase the pregnant leto around Greece until she came up with her she cursed her and told her not to find a shelter place on Earth to deliver her children Leto was so in pain the gods took pity on her and decided to send the god of wind to take her to an island there she can give birth to her but not about the goddess of childbirth was held hostage by her mother Hera who was the goddess of childbirth too Zeus save the goddess of the raIris to send goddess down so Leto can give birth to Apollo and Artemis.


Leto name meaning move unsee