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Medusa's Head
Perseus with Medusa's head in the 2010 remake.


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Medusa and Perseus


(1981) Clash of the Titans
(2010) Clash of the Titans
(2010) Clash of the Titans: The Videogame

Medusa's Head is the head of the Gorgon, Medusa, the object Perseus needed to kill the Kraken. The eyes work even if Medusa is dead or alive.


1981 movie[]

In the movie, after Thetis threatened the citizens of Joppa, Perseus went on a quest to find a way to slay the Kraken. The Stygian Witches tell them that only the Head of Medusa can slay the beast. Eventually, Perseus decapitates Medusa and takes the head, wrapping it in his cloak. However, Calibos pokes the head, spilling Gorgon's blood which soon turn into giant scorpions. After killing the scorpions and Calibos, Perseus arrives to save Joppa and Andromeda, thanks to a distraction from Bubo. Perseus petrifies the Kraken and then drops the head into the ocean.

2010 movie[]

Hades threatened the city of Argos ,and stablish that they need to sacrifice Andromeda in order for the gods to forgive them for their insults and their lack of faith on the gods.So king Kepheus order Draco and his army to embark on a quest to find a way to kill the Kraken. On their way they needed to go and ask the Stygian witches what was the weakness of the Kraken, and the witches stated that only the look of Medusa's eyes could stop the Kraken. The company then went into the Underworld on the Isle of the Dead to decapitate the Gorgon. After a fight, with Perseus as the only survivor, puts the head in a bag. He then heads to Argos to save the city from the Kraken, but he is attacked by the harpies. Eventually, the demigod gets the head back and saves Andromeda at the last minute by making the Kraken see directly in Medusa's eyes. Perseus then drops the head into the ocean along with the broken pieces of the petrified Kraken.


Perseus has retrieve Medusa's head.


A direct look in to the eyes of Medusa can petrify any living being. However it was not able to petrify Sheikh Sulieman, because of his living-dead state.

Victims to Medusa's look[]


  • Perseus:he used the head to petrify the Kraken.
  • Medusa:It was her head until Perseus decapitated her.She used her look to petrify any man that entered her lair.