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Sheikh Sulieman is a protagonist of Clash of the Titans. He was portrayed by Ian Whyte in the 2010 remake.

Clash of the Titans (2010)[]

Sheikh Sulieman first appears by taming the three Scorpiochs attacking Perseus and the Argive Legion. When Perseus steps forward his arm becomes infected. At the Legion's camp, Sheikh heals Perseus with his powers while nobody is looking. Sheikh uses blue fire that is created on his stick and gets some fire on his hand and burns perseus. When Solon sees Sheikh he attacks him, thinking he is trying to kill Perseus. Sheikh easily defeats the others and tells them that "the Djinn have waited long for the one who would free them from the gods". Perseus emerges from his tent fully healed. The Djinn take the Guard on their tamed scorpions and head towards the Underworld. At the River Styx Sheikh throws Perseus' gold coin into the river and wait for Charon to ferry them. After making it to Medusa's Lair Sheik and five others confront Medusa. Perseus and Sheikh are knocked over by a falling Solon and Perseus saves Sheikh by swinging him to safety. Perseus lures Medusa out while Sheikh stays.

When Medusa passes he uses his scyth to try to behead her. Medusa wraps him up in her tail and tries to turn him into to stone she try again but the gaze is does not work to but Sheikh only laughs, as he is immune to her power, since he is not human. Sheikh destroys himself by self-destructing to give Perseus hope.