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Clash of the Titans Siren


Siren is one of the many mythological beings Perseus must defeat in Clash of the Titans: The Video Game.


In greek mythology, sirens were mythical creatures who use their magical voices to entrance humans and make them crash their ships on the rocks. They are usually shown as half-woman, half-bird creatures but are also depicted as women or mermaids.


The Sirens are beautiful mermaids who are feared by all sailors. In Clash of the Titans, Sirens are associated with certain aspects of nature such as fire and water. In the game, their are two species, the Sirens of the sea and water and the Sirens of fire.

All Sirens have the appearence of a humanoid woman with a long serpent/fish-like tail that ends with a long, single fin. Sirens posses large, wing-like fins on their waists and short spiny fins on their backs. Both species of Siren wear jewelry such as crowns and bracelets.


Mermaids are a nuisance as they attack when Perseus is fighting other foes. They use long ranged attacks and will teleport if Perseus tries to attack them. Sirens are still dangerous and difficult to defeat, even when they are fighting Perseus by themselves.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Teleportation: All mermaids can teleport away from danger via a bubble of water or a gyser of fire.
  • Levitation: Mermaids can float in the air. This enables them to leave their element and travel on land.
  • Semi-immortality: Sirens can live forever in a state of permanent youth. They can still be killed or wounded.
  • Siren Song: Sirens posses magical voices. With the aid of their harps, Sirens have the power to project music that wounds Perseus if he attempts to kill them.
  • Water Mnipulation: Sea Sirens can control water and can project it in the form or offensive water blasts.
  • Fire Control: Dark Sirens have the power to manipulate fire and can blast it in the form of offensive fire blasts.
  • Leaping: The Fire Siren posses the ability to leap into the air. This allows her to avoid attacks.


Clash of the Titans: The Videogame[]

In the first level of the game, the fishermen are unable to fish as a siren has made the beach and the dock her home. Perseus volunteers to go and destroy her. Sirens are also encountered in the mountains and fire and water sirens live in the prison of Medusa.

Wrath of the Titans[]

The siren or mermaids, are mentioned in Wrath of the Titans. Hephaestus tells Agenor that Poseidon was the one who thought him how to seduce mermaids, which Hephaestus also stated came in handy more times than what he can imagine.


  • Harp