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The Titans are immense elemental immortals who existed long before the gods, and some of the Titans are parents of the gods.


Although barely mentioned in both films, the denomination Titan is rather used to describe powerful creatures, such as the Kraken or Medusa. Literal Titans, however, are the children of the primordial elementals Uranus and Gaea.



Originally the offspring of Gaia (the Earth-mother) and Ouranus (the Sky-father) and were the first race of divine beings. Kronos and Rhea produced the first generation of Olympians whom Kronos, out of fear of being overthrown, then ate, save Zeus. Zeus killed Kronos and saved his siblings. At first the relationship between the Olympians and Titans were relatively amicable, but eventually, the Titanomachy, the war against the Titans, broke out, in which the Titans were finally subdued and punished.

Clash of the Titans (2010)[]

  • Immortality - Like the gods, Titans are immortal. Their immortality seems to be independent of mortal faith, as the Titans existed long before mortals.
  • Invulnerability - Like the gods, Titans are impervious to mortal and Earthly forms of harm. Only significantly supernaturally endowed weapons and beings may harm or kill a Titan.
  • Supernatural Strength - As evident by their size and mass, Titans possess immense physical strength and force. They can shatter a whole village with a single swipe. By slamming his fist into the ground, Kronos created a shock wave of force and sand that was able to knock Zeus, King of Olympus, into a rock with violent force.
  • Elemental Powers - Titans are beings of pure elements. The Titan King Kronos was essentially a living volcano; with a rock body and lava interior. His hands were used as a lava fling and he was able to throw fiery boulders high through the air. Being the ancestors of the gods, it can be assumed that the Titans possess powers over lightning, sand, water, etc; though this has not been seen as no other Titan(s) have made an appearance.
  • Power Siphoning - Kronos was able to drain Zeus' divine powers.

The Titans embody aspects of the Earth itself. The Titans are known to possess divine powers of creation; they are the ones who created the world and also possess the power to destroy it and the universe if they so chose. The Titans Kronos, the only Titan saw to date, is shown to be a force of nature.

Thus far no Titan(s) beyond Kronos have appeared. As such, it is unknown if they possess the other godly powers; flight, teleportation, shape-shifting, resurrection, telekinesis, electrokinesis, atmokinesis, and the ability to hear prayers.


"A titan against a titan"
—The Stygian Witches

Today the word has come to refer to something huge. Therefore, even though there aren't any literal titans (neither Medusa, nor the Kraken, or Cetus, were titans; they were merely monsters) in either the Clash of the Titans films, the title presumably refers to a clash of titanic figures, e.g. Medusa and the Kraken, etc. The Stygian witches refers to both the Kraken and Medusa as been titans.

Powers & Abilities[]


  • Titan Physiology: The power of the Titans is arguably equal to that of the gods, as Kronos stated that the Olympians would fade soon after the destruction of their thrones. The Titans, however, had their entire mountain fortress on Mount Othrys destroyed millennia ago, yet they have retained enough strength to lead a war against the Olympian gods. However, this is disputable as the Titans ultimately lost their first war to the gods, although not all the Titans fought Olympus (such as Oceanus or Prometheus) and the gods had the aid of the Hekatonkhieres, the Elder Cyclopes, and other Titans who joined their side (such as Styx, Selene, and others). Also, the defeat of Kronos and the destruction of Mount Othrys left them extremely weak for thousands of years and only with the pledging of loyalty by many demigods were the Titans able to rise again.
    • Giant Monster Physiology: Essentially all Titans possess vast supernatural strength, speed, and durability, possibly more so than the gods. Kronos is stated to be physically extremely powerful since he is essentially the most powerful and dangerous of all the Titans, but since Atlas is the Titan of Endurance and Strength, he is possibly narrowly as powerful as Kronos; Percy found it impossible to go blow-for-blow with Atlas (this may have been due to the curse Ares inflicted on him so that his sword would fail him in the fight with the Titan).
      • Superpowered Monster Physiology
      • Large Size
      • God-like Strength - Titans are as strong as gods. The Titan Atlas bears the weight of Heaven on his shoulders.
      • Superhuman Speed - Titans move so fast that everything to them appears to be in slow motion.
      • Superhuman Durability - Titans have strong bodies and don't feel pain. Titans are also immune to extreme temperatures.
      • Superhuman Stamina - Titans possess unlimited stamina. The do not need to breathe, eat, or blink.
      • Invulnerability - Titans are extremely resistant to attack.
        • Power Immunity - They are immune to most powers possessed by lesser beings.
      • superhuman durability
    • Elemental Being Physiology: Some of the Titans may also possess some form of energy projection and the power to control and manipulate the elements which they embody. Oceanus and Perses seem to be covered in their respective elements, Oceanus being covered in Water and Lightning, and Perses is covered in Lava implying that they both could manipulate those elements. Gaia could also possess the power over Earth and possibly over the life on it.
      • Elemental Monster Physiology: The Titans had complete dominion over the very elements of light, time, space, earth, air, water, and fire and most likely 'gave birth' to the things they preside over (e.g. Selene and Helios being the Moon and Sun instead of a deity of the moon and sun like Artemis and Apollo).
      • Healing Factor - Titans heal from wounds and are immune to disease. The liver of Titan Prometheus is devoured daily by an eagle but always grows back.
      • Pyrokinesis - Titans have dominion over fire.
      • Ergokinesis - Titans possess power over the energies of nature and magic.
      • Atmokinesis - Titans were the original rulers of Heaven.
      • Aerokinesis - Titans possess dominion over the powers of the air and wind.
      • Hydrokinesis - Titans are masters of the sea.
      • Electrokinesis - Titans can use lightning and thunder as weapons.
      • Geokinesis - Titans have mastery over the powers of the Earth.
    • Immortality - Titans cannot die.
    • Teleportation - Titans can teleport.
    • They seem to possess shape-shifting ability, since the Titans Rhea, Helios, Prometheus and Eos fully resemble human beings in size, height and beauty. Given that their fellow Titans didn't look appealing at all, so it can be assumed that they prefer a more attractive human form, and assume their appearance.
      • Chaotic Form
      • According to Dionysus, Kronos' true divine form is so violent that mortals are incinerated by simply being in its presence, and it also empowers the other Titans. As he is the Titan King it is unknown if it applies for all Titans or just him.
    • Telekinesis - Titans can move objects with their willpower.
    • Greater Divinity
    • Power Siphoning - Kronos was able to drain Zeus' divine powers.
    • Flight - Titans are not subject to gravity.
    • Primordial Giant Physiology
      • Primordial Force Manipulation
        • Primordial Force Attacks
        • Primordial Power Link
        • Energy Manipulation: All Titans have the potential to wield magical or cosmic energies. These powers are mostly limited to changing their appearance or shape and teleporting across great distances. However, a small minority of the Titans are capable of manipulating vast amounts of energy for a variety of purposes including teleportation, shape-shifting, matter manipulation, augmentation of their physical capabilities, erecting powerful force fields, firing powerful blasts of energy for destructive purposes and granting superhuman attributes to objects and beings.
        • Primordial Force Combat
        • Chronokinesis - Titans possess dominion over time and space.
        • Giant Magic
      • Non-Human Physiology


Known titans[]

  • Kronos - King of the Titans; father of the Olympians.
  • Rhea - Kronos' sister and wife; mother of the Olympians.
  • Dione
  • Metis
  • Leto

Non-literary titans[]

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