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The Universe also known as Cosmos,is a location that consists of space,matter,reality and time in Greek Cosmolongy and is filled with endless stars and is a location were all 3: Clash of the Titans , Clash of the Titans and Wrath of the Titans films and comics timelines and storylines take place.


In the beginning the comos were ruled by Titans a mighty race led by there leader Kronos,but there reing was ended by there

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children:Zeus,Poseidon and Hades who led First Generaton of Deities alongside Cyclopes and Kraken during Titanmonarchy and won the war.

Afterwards the the cosmos and the world of Earth were split into 3 realms beetwean 3 brothers:Mount Olympus and Heveans were ruled by Zeus,Oceans and Seas ruled by Poseidon while Hades ruled Underworld and kept a guard to Tartarus were Cronos only surviving Titan was imprisond.


Some time later Zeus king of Gods created first mortals known as Humans to populate and worship gods of Mount Olympus through there prayers.

Known Species:

Known Worlds and Locations:

  • Mount Olympus - home of Deities
  • Earth - home of Humans,Animals,Creatures & Monsters
  • Underworld - home of Hades,Charon,Furies,Chimera,Medusa and Makhai
  • Tartarus - home of imprisond titan Kronos