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Zeus' Thunderbolt
Wrath of the Titans 5
Zeus with his thunderbolt before his capture.


Fuse with two others to make Spear of Triam.


Zeus, Ares, and Perseus



Zeus' Thunderbolt is Zeus' primary weapon before his death in the 2012 sequel. It is also one of the three main components for Spear of Triam, the others being Poseidon's Trident and Hades' Spear.


Hephaestus made the thunderbolt for Zeus along with the trident for poseidon and the pitchfork for hades.

In Wrath of the Titans, it was first seen, along with the others, when Zeus was in the Underworld. It was stolen and wielded by traitrous god, Ares, shortly before Zeus' capture. Because it was wielded by the God of War, it was the last ingredient Perseus acquired for the Spear of Triam, the only weapon that can kill Cronus. It's last use was when Perseus combined the three objects, creating the Spear of Triam. Using it, Perseus was able to kill Cronus and save the world. It was lost after Cronus' defeat.


The weapon has the appearance of a medium-sized baton when not in used or when not in contact with a god or demigod. When activated, the thunderbolt has the appearance of an standard staff but with two lighting-like structures on each end.


Its primary function is to serve as a component of the Spear of Triam. Zeus has used it in long distance combat, by projecting lightning bolts and in hand-to-hand combat.

It was also used to destroy Typhon, the monstrous beast that is known as the father of all monsters (born from Gaia and the spirit that lives in the pit of Tartarus).


Below is a list of wielders that have used the thunderbolt.


The thunderbolt is the trademark weapon of the king of the gods. Zeus has used the thunderbolt to project lightnings of great size and tremendous force. It is able to kill any God except for his brothers. Zeus reveals the weapon in Tartarus, and uses it to engage the Makhai. Zeus drops the weapon when Ares attacks him, who then takes the thunderbolt for himself.


Ares wields the thunderbolt, first using it to kill Hephaestus, its creator. He next attempted to use it to kill Hades after betraying him when he seemed to reconsider their pact, but failed because Zeus didn't allow the weapon to be activated. This encouraged Hades to attack Ares and throw him over the precipice.


After Perseus manages to overhelm Ares on the Mount of Idols, Perseus strips Ares of the thunderbolt and activates it, Perseus proceeds to impale Ares with the weapon, killing the god of war. After the battle, Perseus and Helius merged Zeus' Thunderbolt, Hades' Staff and Poseidon's Trident to form the Spear of Triam.


  • Hephaestus refers to Zeus' thunderbolt as a God-weapon.
  • Zeus commanded the thunderbolt to remain inactive, something which Ares was unable to overcome. This shows that the thunderbolt, pitchfork and trident are closely tied to their respective wielders.